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  • The Proprietary Alchemy Intelligence Engine

    Alchemy enables companies to analyze the blockchain by leveraging years of research and experience in artificial intelligence, massively scalable infrastructure, and big data analysis.

    Hedge Fund Intelligence

    The top crypto hedge funds in the world use Alchemy to power investment decisions. Alchemy analyzes vast amounts of blockchain and ecosystem data to generate the most valuable intelligence. Alchemy’s customers manage a significant portion of the worldwide institutional crypto assets.

    • Tools and data exploration capabilities for understanding the market and informing human trading
    • Real-time data streams and intelligence that for algorithmic trading
    • Intelligent alerting engine analyzes and surfaces trends and events that impact the market
    • Discover unique arbitrage and investment opportunities

    Financial Institutions

    Alchemy enables financial institutions to access and integrate an expansive variety of blockchain data into their business and products, without needing to run their own blockchain infrastructure.

    • Integrate a variety of raw data from across the blockchain, markets, and ecosystem
    • Access intelligence streams and proprietary blockchain analyses
    • Custom exploratory tools built to generate insights specific to your business


    Alchemy’s advanced machine learning allows exchanges to identify and leverage deep understanding of entities, individuals, and currency flows on the blockchain in order to inform sales, security, and high level strategy.

    • Competitive intelligence based on on-chain transaction volume
    • Deeper understanding of customers and potential customers based on blockchain data
    • Understand overall on-chain market dynamics and currency flows

    Custom Data and Tools

    Leverage Alchemy’s data, blockchain infrastructure, and machine learning infrastructure to create custom data streams and tools built for your specific business goals. Alchemy currently works with companies and institutions to serve a wide variety of custom data and tooling needs.

    Blockchain Intelligence powering the leaders in the crypto industry

    The Team

    The Alchemy team draws from years of cutting edge research and practical expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, distributed systems, and data mining from the world’s leading academic institutions.

    Deep Industry Experience

    The Alchemy team consists of the top engineers who have built out core technology for the world's leading technology companies and financial institutions and brings decades of industry experience in machine learning, massively scalable infrastructure, big data analysis, and data visualization.


    Alchemy is backed by the top investors in the world, including the founders and executives of these companies.

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